Saturday, 22 December 2012

191212...Zoo Excursion with Gonggong!

Yes! Is very very rare tht my dad wanna join me for outing. So this day, me n my dad n my 2 darlings head to the zoo as very rare to have good weather in the morning!!!
Kids are excited n I m very happy to have bonding time with my dad! I got free tics from my friend so I need to buy panda tics . At last we managed to see the precious jiajia and kaikai! They really looks like a human in panda mascot! Haha...
Of course, we will go to the waterplay n let kids play there whereas I m having KFC lunch there. Lucky they managed to enjoy waterplay for ard 30-40 mins n started to rain... Then we all hide in KFC to wait for the rain to stop n go bk home!
It is really an enjoyable day!

Monday, 17 December 2012

181212 A trip to Chinatown

Well, Chinatown really a China-town now! Is no longer Cantonese speaking old pple there but all Are 中国人!
Went there to eat my fav porridge n almond paste. Kids really dun like to go there as really a boring place for them!
After simple lunch, went to money exchangers to check best rate to change Korean won... When we have changed the money, kids start to "kbkb" wanting to go home! In fact I plan to go vivo but end up better go home.
Next time, gg to Chinatown, rather go alone there.... With kids really troublesome esp when they want to go to clean toilet!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

16122011... Happy Xmas gathering....

Happy gathering with lots of foods..... Eat till.... Can skip my dinner later!
The kids also enjoyed it very much (but I think Eun keep "fighting" with TT).

Happy Xmas to all my multiply gangs! Without u all, my life will be very dull! But with u all around..... My tummy is getting rounder! Haha...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

121212.... Once a life and...

..... Re-start my engine to jog in the morning today... Bcos I have put on freaking 3kg!!!! Argh!!! Ajaja Fighting!!! :D

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Taka Xmas Tree... HO HO HO ....

So big till so difficult to take this photo...

08122012 Charity Walk at Orchard

Have to reach Taka at 830am for Charity Walk sponsored by Sixxxxs. My ex-co jio me n we whole family registered for the walk! It's quite tired for me as is my "aunt visit day" and end up super tired n sick! Haha...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

02122012 At last... Settled my accommodation in Korea!

This time round whole kampong is gg to Korea, hence need to settle accommodation by our own! First 4 nights will be staying at Seoul Residence at Gangnam. Then will drive to Gangwon-do (place for us to "ski"n hopefully enjoy snow time) n stay there for 4 nights. Next, last 4 nights will be staying at Hyatt.
Now, need to draw up my shopping list Liao....